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Get the Maximum Business Loans with the Lowest Interest Rates–100% Risk Free

We take on the risk for you. Guaranteed loan approval, else no fees payable

Dear SME owners,

If you’re here, then you are probably wondering:

How can I get the maximum loan amount for my SME, with the lowest interest rates and in the fastest time possible?

This is a straightforward question, but banks will not give you a straightforward answer.

There are 20+ banks and financial institutions in Singapore. All offer different interest rates, loan criteria and assessment criteria, which are not disclosed online.

To get the best loans, you’d need to enquire personally for each bank, which is time-consuming.

That's why we are offering busy SME owners like yourself a free loan assessment to help you determine the maximum loan amount you can expect.

This assessment is obligation-free –if you’d rather not work with us afterwards, you get to walk away knowing the maximum loan amount you can expect and the banks most suitable for your business.

Why Work With Us?

Get your loans fast

Have an urgent project launch, new outlet opening or big client coming up? Don't lose out on the opportunity by failing to obtain funding by that deadline. Get your business loan approved within 1-2 weeks.

Easily find the lowest interest rates

When it comes to business loans, banks are notoriously tight-lipped about their rates. We provide an unbiased comparison of the loans currently available across 20+ banks and institutions so you can easily find the best loans.

Save precious time

Your time is worth money. While you focus on expanding your business, we help to handle all the tedious research and administrative matters, cutting down on loan processing time by 3-5 days.

High approval rates

The average approval rate for a SME loan is 20-30%-far too low for comfort. With our knowledge of banks’ credit criteria and wide network of banks and financial institutions, we’re able to secure a solid > 80% approval rate for our clients.

100% Risk-free Guarantee

Here’s our promise:

No upfront fees & Guaranteed loan approval, else no fees payable.

We take on the risk for you, completely obligation-free.

Hear From Satisfied Clients

Fast efficient response

"We are very satisfied with the service and capability of Linkflow Capital in assisting with our company’s expansion. They have provided us clear financing solutions with fast response and turnaround time.”

Mr Frankie Gwee
Tuan Yuan Pork Ribs Soup
(F&B restaurant)

Trusted advisor

"Linkflow Capital has assisted our company with trade financing, enabling a 300% revenue growth in 2 years. They are our trusted advisor and served us with efficiency and honesty over the years.”

Mr S.S. Lee
Powerzone Technologies
(Engineering and trading firm)

Sincere customer service

“Linkflow Capital has helped us identify facilities suitable for our company’s growth. The consultant is sincere, efficient and provided prompt follow up service.”

Mr Toh
WaWe Design
(Reno & ID firm)

Professional consultant

"The consultant’s service exceeded my expectations. He is professional and provided me with useful insights. I would gladly recommend Linkflow to anyone looking for a professional who knows their stuff and can deliver."

Mr Wong
Hola Pte Ltd
(Retail and e-commerce)

Flexible solutions

"Ben is a professional and exercised flexibility in our engagement. Others have approached us but we choose to stick with the consultant. He delivered beyond expectations and justified our decision."

Mr Phua
Rave International Group
(Events company)

Trustworthy and reliable

“Linkflow Capital is our long-term partner, supporting the growth of our company from the start. They are trustworthy, reliable and responsible, key qualities why they are my sole and preferred finance consultant over the years.”

Mr Kamesh
Appali Engineering Pte Ltd
(Construction company)

Improve Your Success Rate With a Team That’s Familiar With Your Industry

Did you know that some banks shun certain industries whereas other banks might welcome these same industries?

We can help you find the banks that are suitable for your respective profile so you don’t waste precious time speaking with banks that are not the right fit.

We’ve helped clients from:

Wholesale B2B








About Us

LinkFlow was established 10 years ago in 2012 to help SME owners obtain the best and lowest interest rate loans. Since then, we’ve built up our reputation as the most trusted loan broker in Singapore. In fact, we’re the only loan broker in Singapore to be featured in the media, including CNA, 89.3 Money FM, AsiaOne and SCMP!

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What is the typical loan amount I can expect?

The maximum small business loan amount is typically between S$300K to S$500K for most banks. Loan quantum granted is dependent on business's revenue, current debt servicing ratio and credit profile.

As a very general rule of thumb, the maximum loan quantum a SME can apply from a bank is usually between 20% to 40% of the applicant's annual revenue. Different banks have varying credit policies on the maximum loan quantum they can grant.

How long does the SME loan application process take?

The typical turnaround time for SME loan applications is 2 to 4 weeks. The turnaround time takes this long because

1.You may not be familiar with the documents required and the application process.
2.You may have more back-and-forth communication with the banker to get the financing application right.

Because of our expertise in loan application, we’re able to cut down the processing time to just 2 weeks for you.

 Why shouldn’t I just DIY and approach banks directly for a business loan?

 Sure, you can go ahead and DIY! However, you will likely spend precious time researching for the best loans as well as go through a tedious application process.

We’re able to cut down on 3-5 days of processing time for you and provide an unbiased assessment of the loans currently available across 20+ banks and institutions.

 I’ve already borrowed from my preferred bank but need more funds.

If you’ve already hit the maximum loan from 1 bank, we can help you borrow from 2-3 other banks at the same time to achieve your business needs.

You know the saying: “Cash flow is king.”

It takes money to make money. And without capital, it’s hard to grow your business. Don’t let great business opportunities pass you by because of a lack of funds.

Try out our free loan assessment today to determine the maximum loan amount you can borrow, at the lowest interest rates.

It’s completely obligation-free with no upfront costs. If you’d rather not work with us afterwards, you get to walk away knowing the maximum loan amount you can expect and the banks most suitable for your business.